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I've made 232 USD the last 3 days, and that includes all the stupid paypal fee deductions. I'm kicking ass and crushing it as it comes. hardly any backlog too. I'm getting most of my work done same day.

I'm a beast :D

4 years later

In college working on my 3d animation degree. My artwork has improved 100 fold. 

Life is good :D

I've been drawing a ton :3

ancient posts are ancient and embarrassing :p

Ok ok :p

So I havent posted in a long time, meh :3 I got really busy with work and lets just say work kinda fell out from under me sometime in january of this year.. Tell you what.. Being laid off is so not cool, especially when its not the company that wants to get rid of ya.. its the economy that does. So thats that

Laid off from Cummings Electric at the moment, and not really doin so well.. Its mid march almost april now, and I'd expected to have my job back by now, but as it seems, that isnt the case.

Still laid off and still struggling, I'm forced to seek another place to live soon :/ It sucks but, you can only make emergency reserves stretch so far.. and with the amount of people who are becoming jobless each day, it makes me at least feel a bit better about the situation.

So yea, I'm laid off and moneyless XD

The remaining thousands of dollars I have been living off of are now depleted, thanks to a shitty ass piece of shit economy.. I'm expecting to find a new place by next week, I'll try to keep in touch.


I climbed 6 suzlon towers all the way to the top today, that means 1920 feet in the sky for me.. not to mention doing the laborous work inside of the tower.. so fuck you guys

Good Night :3

Weekly update

So I figured I would start this livejournal to try to keep people posted on whats going on.


I started working at Cummings Electric I guess 5 days ago.. I really enjoy it.

I climb these gigantic wind towers and do all sorts of various work, I have been on top of the nacelle quite a few times now.. That is the giant block that the propeller attaches to.

Anyways, its a tough job, especially when you are climbing multiple 320 foot towers in the sky.

Been working 10-12 hour days every day.. I guess thats what construction work is all about. I enjoy it though, I can see the results in my arms from all the climbing and cable pulling..

It is real cool, the fund everything, we get a per diem check every week and utilities and rent are free.. I'm on my free internets right now ! :3

So things are going pretty good, I got some 5.1 surround speakers for my computer and some logitech headset thing. I still need to do my laundry but yea :3 you know how that is when you get home from work and you dont want to do anything but sleep.

It was tough for the first few days but I got over it quickly and found myself hanging 300 feet in the sky with nothing but a lat safe to save my ass if I fall. The equipment is rather heavy as well, so I'm pretty much lugging my body-weight plus another 50 lbs in equipment. Today was cool, we only had to work 4 hours to make 8 hours worth of money since it was a sunday and I volunteered to work. We wont be here in Big Spring tx much longer.. I'm not sure where they are going to post me next, but I definitely see a future in this. Maybe one day I'll be a journeyman electrician. Only shitty thing about the internet here is that they throttle everything... I fucking hate it when they do that shit. I havent even really been able to play FFXI very much due to the fact that I am pretty exhausted every day. My car is muddy as shit from traveling to and from the job site.. its real fun!

Anyways.. I'll post a voice journal while I'm up in the tower to demonstrate how ridiculous the wind is up there.. but man, oh man... It feels good..



I'm starting a new livejournal lmao

Nothing really interesting happened today,
I got to skill up healing from 148-198 for 18 hours today!

I'm exhausted, I think I'm going to bed..

See you again :D